Logbook Servicing

Buying a high-performance car often represents a very large investment, especially when buying new. That makes the protection offered by a new car warranty vital for ensuring peace of mind. Part of maintaining your warranty will be to have your vehicle meet servicing requirements spelled out in your vehicle's logbook, which many dealerships will try to convince you must be done in their own service department. This isn't the case.

Our experienced team of technicians can conduct your vehicle's regular logbook servicing, allowing you to keep your vehicle's new car warranty, whatever you drive. We can conduct logbook services for:

  • petrol, diesel or LPG passenger cars
  • light commercial vans or utes
  • prestige, sports and other high-performance vehicles

Contact us today if you'd like to make a booking for your vehicle.

Diagnostics & Auto-Electrical

As top-end cars become more sophisticated in terms of technology, greater importance is placed on a properly functioning auto-electrical system. Without the right battery or electronics, a number of your vehicle's critical systems and less important features may start to develop problems or stop working altogether.

We at GT Garage carry the latest in auto-electrical diagnostic equipment, allowing us to locate and repair faults in your wiring. This can affect problems with your vehicle's power steering, ABS brakes, central locking, airbag deployment system and other electrical components.

Our auto-electrical services don't stop there; we can also service faulty alternators and starter motors, and supply the right battery for whatever vehicle you own from our range of ACDelco batteries. Contact us if you suspect your vehicle has an electrical problem.

Steering & Suspension

Problems in your vehicle's steering or suspension can drastically affect how your car handles on the road, as well as affect overall ride comfort.

We can offer our customers a comprehensive service of their steering and suspension systems, including repairs and replacement of worn or damaged springs or shock absorbers. We can also recommend sports suspension parts for discerning drivers, providing the vehicle with a lower stance and tighter control over the car on the road. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Wheels & Tyres

Looseness or 'play' in your steering can also be a symptom of poorly aligned or balanced wheels. This can also result in increased and uneven tyre wear. We're able to conduct front-end and four-wheel alignments on your vehicle, for added stability and control over your vehicle when in motion.

We can also fit, balance and align new tyres from our range of high performance semi-slicks or conventional road tyre brands from suppliers including Sumitomo, Kumho, Maxxis and more. Contact us for expert advice on your next set of tyres.

Radiator & Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine cool is vital to keeping your vehicle performing at peak condition. An overheating engine can result in poor fuel efficiency, power loss, and explosive damage to your engine's pistons and valves, as well as other delicate components in your vehicle.

We're able to conduct a complete service of your cooling system, including a coolant flush, replacement of leaky or cracked hoses and valves, and replacing damaged radiator units, all to bring your engine's temperature back into safe operating levels. Contact us if your car is having trouble keeping cool.

Clutch & Transmission

Your car's transmission is a piece of precision machinery, in which general wear and tear can quickly develop into costly mechanical problems that can make driving a chore. You might notice strange grinding noises or burnt smells from your car, or have trouble changing gears on the road.

GT Garage can check your vehicle's drive train for problems, from the clutch pedal and cable to your vehicle's manual or automatic transmission. If you're having trouble shifting gears, give us a call to organise a booking for your car.

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